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(817) 599-3903

(817) 599-8229


(817) 599-3990


22 thoughts on “Contact Info

  1. vicki newsom

    Please quote the price for a chicken sandwich tray for 30 ladies

  2. Gerri

    Can I send in my order on this page, or is there an e-mail address I send it to.

  3. Dulce

    Are y’all hiring?(:

  4. Hi, this is Sherry w/Weatherford Christian School. We would like to start ordering lunches for our teachers again, for Monday’s only. Do you all still deliver? What time do I need to get orders in to have lunches delivered by 10:55ish?
    Thank you!

  5. Do you have any thought of what the calorie count is on the chicken salad sandwich? Man its good!!

  6. Josey Flanigan

    Are yall hiring?

  7. Josey Flanigan

    Awesome! Ill be in tomorrow to get a application 🙂

  8. Beverly Ingram

    I’d like to bring a bus of about 18 women on Friday about 11:30. The phone has been busy this morning so I thought I’d check this way. Will that work for you. They will all get either the brown bag or a salad and we will bring the order over at 11:00 when you open.

  9. Tina

    do you sell the chicken salad and bread separately and if so how much for both

  10. Barbara Price

    Hi do you ship? I would like to order 4 loaves of white sourdough unsliced if you do.

  11. Sarah Morehead

    Are you hiring?

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